Dining Room Flooring in Florida

What Is the Best Flooring for a Dining Room?

With everyone spending more time at home, your dining room is probably getting a lot more use. It’s now part-work station, part-classroom, and part-mealtime location. And with all of this activity going on, your floors could be taking a hit. Maybe it’s time to think about upgrading. Explore the variety of ways you can transform your dining room floors.

Upgrade to Hardwood

A classic for a reason, hardwood flooring sets your dining room apart. Not only does this timeless style give your space an attractive, polished look but also it’s easy to clean and maintain. That means you don’t have to worry about spills, stains, or that cup of coffee you tipped over during this morning’s conference call.

Dining Room Flooring in Flrorida

Replace with Laminate

If durability’s the name of your game, laminate is a top choice. In addition to being an affordable option, it’s stain-resistant, water-resistant, and low-maintenance. So you can let the kids do their worst. That’s when laminate is at its best.

Dining Room Flooring in Flrorida

Turn to Tile

Tile isn’t just for the kitchen and bathroom anymore. Flooring trends in 2020 are bringing it straight into the dining room, with wood-look, marble-look, and stone-look selections—all to create a distinct, beautiful appearance for your traditional dinnertime space.

Dining Room Flooring in Flrorida

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl, known for its outstanding durability, is perfect for a multi-use dining room! It also comes in both wood and tile looks with endless designs to choose from. Luxury vinyl is waterproof, dent proof, and scratch proof – chair feet and spills are no match for this flooring option.

Dining Room Flooring in Flrorida

Best Dining Room Flooring for Your Home

When it comes to livening up your dining room floors, there’s no better place to do so than your local ProFloors and Cabinets. We have a wide selection of hardwoodtileluxury vinyllaminate, and more to renovate your space. Give us a call today.