What Is the Best Low-Maintenance Flooring

What Is the Best Low-Maintenance Flooring?

In these hectic times we’re living in, a low-maintenance home—including your floors—can be the key to having peace of mind. Let’s be honest: everyone’s pretty busy, and spending a couple of hours vacuuming and sweeping up are not high on most people’s to-do lists. Thankfully, when it comes to floors, there are plenty of stylish low-maintenance options out there.

The Look of Hardwood, with Ease

Beautiful hardwood floors are a design dream for many homeowners, but the cost and maintenance can be a serious headache. That’s where Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) comes in. LVT floors can mimic the look of real wood floors (as well as stone and ceramic!) but are much more durable—not to mention more affordable and easier to clean. Then there’s the relief of not constantly worrying about scratches from furniture. Or kids. Or pets. Floors that mimic the colors and textures of real wood or stone, without all the headaches? Sounds easy indeed.

What Is the Best Low-Maintenance Flooring

Hardwood Really Isn’t That Difficult

Beautiful hardwood floors are still a nice low-maintenance option if you feel they’re the floors for you. As long as there’s an expert to install, hardwood floors remain not only a stunning flooring choice but also timeless (when it comes to resale value), and, all in all, they’re durable for years to come.

Not Your Grandma’s Carpet

Because of the occasional need for vacuuming, carpet is sometimes considered a slightly more high-maintenance flooring option. And while this can be somewhat true, modern carpets have come a long way. For instance, many carpets today are treated with static-, stain-, and soil-resistant products, which allow for far easier cleanup. Now a spilled drink—or a pet’s accident—is suddenly a lot less stressful. Plus, the non-slip surface of carpets makes them ideal for safety—both for toddlers prone to the occasional fall, or the occasional dropped item. And, speaking of less stress, carpet can be one of the most low-cost flooring choices overall.
What Is the Best Low-Maintenance Flooring

Time-Tested Tile

And, of course, tile can be a great pick for low-maintenance flooring, too. There’s a reason it’s so often used in kitchens and bathrooms (hello, water sloshing over the tub). Whether it’s waterproof stone tiles in the kitchen that are easy to clean and maintain, or unglazed and stone tile in areas of your home that are likely to get the most high-foot traffic, tile always stands the test of time. And moisture. And dogs.

What’s the Best Low-Maintenance Flooring for You?

With so many low-maintenance flooring styles, there’s bound to be one that fits into your vision for a more manageable home. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today to talk to us about all of our options for tile, carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl. Your peace of mind—and a more peaceful flooring plan—awaits.