What's the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

What’s the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

While the winter season can sometimes have its drawbacks (Does the sun really set this early each day?), it’s also a special time of year for so many. From more time spent indoors with family, to fun outdoor activities—that can often track in some extra wetness from outside—there is something for everyone to look forward to during the winter months. And, if you’re looking for winter-friendly flooring, there are a lot of great options for this special time of year.

Tile with a Twist

Beautiful ceramic tile in bathrooms is many a homeowner’s dream, but once the colder months hit, the feeling of cool tile on one’s feet can be anything but soothing! Investing in heated floors can be the perfect solution. While this can sound like an expensive project, radiant heat systems, once installed, are actually quite cost-efficient in the long term. And once you start with a smaller project like a bathroom and see (and feel!) the results, you may end up wanting to install radiant heat floors in other areas, too.

What's the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

All about Layering

Colder temperatures mean more long sleeves and sweaters in one’s wardrobe, and the same theory goes for your wood floors. This is a perfect time to experiment with laying a series of rugs or decorative carpets across your wooden floors. Not only does this create visual texture and coziness, your feet will thank you—especially if you’re not wearing socks!
What's the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

The Perfect Time for New Carpets

If you’ve been holding out on purchasing a new carpet—or are thinking about making an upgrade to an existing one—there’s no better time than the winter months to make it happen. A soft and cozy new carpet is a great way to make a room even more inviting during the winter months. Whether it’s for a bedroom, living room, game room, or den, consider how comforting a brand-new carpet could be in your home during the year’s chilliest season.
What's the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

Winter Wear and Tear

If you happen to live in an area of the country where snow, slush, and general winter debris is the standard (including those ever-fun rock salt stains), having durable floors is a must. Whether you go the route of long-lasting laminate floors or durable luxury vinyl, there are so many flooring options. They make a great fit for homes with lots of damp, dirty shoes trudging about. And, of course, many hardwood floors are now waterproof, too. Just remember, no matter what flooring option you choose, maintenance during the winter months is key to preventing long-lasting damage from moisture and seasonal wear and tear.
What's the Best Winter-Friendly Flooring?

Explore Your Winter-Friendly Flooring Options

where you are, it often means more time spent indoors—and that makes it a wonderful time to connect with those you love. Contact your local Flooring America to learn all about their wide selection of options for winter-friendly floors so you can bundle up this season and stay cozy.