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Why Carpet Tiles for Your Basement?

Does renovating your basement feel like too much of an undertaking? Have a look at carpet tiles. Traditionally used in commercial spaces, they’re perfect for that basement redo. They’re easy to install, affordable, rugged, and even simple to replace. Maybe that home gym you’ve been dreaming about is easier than you think. So, here are seven advantages as to why we recommend carpet tiles for your home.

A Painless Installation

Yes, installing carpet tiles is quick and easy. Most carpet installation experts are pros with carpet tile installations. Work with them to design the pattern, and they will quickly complete the job! Your room will be transformed with ease.

A Chance to Be Creative

Carpet tiles are the perfect way to add a pop of color. Many of the patterns of carpet tiles are interchangeable so you can achieve a unique look. It’s highly durable, and it’ll give that bold, fun look for you and the kids to enjoy. With carpet tiles, you choose the design, and you make it yours.

Carpet Tiles for Basement in Florida

Maintenance Is Easy, Repairs Are Easier

You heard us right. Carpet tiles can last longer than wall-to-wall carpet. Why? Well, if one gets stained or damaged, it’s only one tile you need to replace, rather than an entire floor. They’re also easy to clean—just a simple vacuum as needed does the trick. Plus, carpet tiles are low pile, so they won’t track as much dirt and debris like a regular carpet would.

Durability. And more durability.

Whether you’re lifting weights, the kids are playing, or the pets are running wild, well, carpet tiles are for you. Because carpet tiles are low pile, looped, and very tight, they can withstand almost anything. Most have enhanced stain protection as well, so you can rely on these in your high-traffic areas.

Less Waste

Wall-to-wall carpet is great when you have a 12’ or 15’ room width. But, if you don’t, you’ll need to add carpet seams to fill your space. And with looped carpet, those seams are often visible. But with carpet tiles, you can fill the room as you please, with less waste—and no unattractive carpet seams. Carpet tiles are perfect for rooms with a complex shape, filling the space with ease.

Carpet Tiles for Basement in Florida

You Can Breathe Easy

Carpet tiles are generally flatter and lower pile, meaning they won’t trap as many dirt or dust particles. Plus, they’re easy to clean, allowing for better indoor air quality.

Water Resistance (Thank goodness!)

With its tight weave and strong backing, carpet tiles are, in fact, resistant to water. Though they aren’t completely waterproof, they’re great for areas that are prone to moisture or the occasional spill—the basement, playroom, or workout room! And, as mentioned, if a bigger spill happens and damage is done, it’s easy to replace just the affected tiles, rather than the entire floor.

Taking back the basement? Easy as carpet tiles.

It’s time to take back the basement. And it’s easier than ever. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today and talk to us about our carpet tile options. We’ll help you find a style that works for you, your budget, and your space.