Turf for Outdoor Areas

Why Use Turf for Outdoor Areas?

Obsessed with your lawn? Frustrated it won’t stay green? We have the key to the ideal outdoor oasis: turf. It’s a great way to enhance your backyard and patio, or even decks and balconies. Check out some of the ways we’ve been loving turf this season, and maybe you’ll find some outdoor inspiration along the way.

All turf. All the way.

Homeowners everywhere are taking advantage of the evergreen qualities of turf landscaping. With turf, having a flawless lawn is simple. No more trips to the garden center, no more aerating, and, our favorite, no more lawn mowing. Just lay down the color and style of turf you like, and your lawn stays perfect all year long. It’s great for kids and pets to play on, and for you to entertain, no matter the occasion.

Beyond the Lawn

Even if you’re not looking to replace your entire lawn with turf landscaping, turf can play a huge role in outdoor entertainment spaces. Many homeowners have taken advantage of turf for walkways. It adds a distinctive element to flower and vegetable garden paths, replacing stepping stones. Others have chosen to cover their concrete patios or pathways to give their space a bright, green look. And even if you don’t want to cover your patio (or balcony!) completely in turf, it adds a striking accent below seating areas or outdoor dining tables to create a more inviting dynamic.

Turf for Outdoor Areas

Recreational Areas

Backyard pickup game? No problem. Turf is the choice for active families looking to open up a space to use strictly for sports. As with most professional teams, turf is the preferred playing surface. It drains quickly and needs only minimal maintenance to remain in good condition, all year round, no matter the activity. Another plus to turf landscaping is that it never requires potentially toxic lawn care chemicals and never produces pollen. So, it’s a nice, safe option for the entire family to enjoy.

Putting Practice

Calling all golf lovers. Turf has been growing in popularity for golfers to get some at-home practice. No matter the size, it’s easy to cut the right putting green for you. You can also take advantage of your yard’s natural slope or undulations to make your green more challenging. We’ve even seen some homeowners build small water features or add various grass styles to simulate fairway conditions. Any way you slice it, turf will both beautify your lawn and help you improve your golf game.

Turf for Outdoor Areas

Ready to Accessorize

Because turf is so vibrant and consistent in color, many homeowners are choosing to accent turf with outdoor furniture. Whether it’s the benches of a picnic table, the cushions of an outdoor lounge area, or even an outdoor throw pillow, turf is the perfect backdrop (ground-drop?) for outdoor accents.

The Grass Is Always Greener with Turf

Love a green lawn? Love it all year round with turf. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today, and we’ll have our experts ready to talk everything outdoors to make your space the best it can be.