Radiant Bathroom Flooring in Florida

Why Your Bathroom Needs Radiant Flooring

We know a secret that’ll make getting up in the morning easier, every single day. And that secret starts with your floors. We don’t think we’re overstating it when we say there’s nothing better first thing in the morning than stepping on tile that’s nice and warm. And how does that happen? Radiant floors.

Radiant floors provide the comfort you need to ease you into the morning, and maybe even get you a little excited to get out of bed. Here’s how:


Radiant floors are the perfect solution for chilly bathrooms. They work under any hard-surface floor—tilehardwoodluxury vinyl, you name it. And for a smaller space, like your bathroom, it’s easy to keep it a comfortable, consistent temperature. When heating with radiant floors, the entire surface of the floor is heated from the ground up. As the heat rises, it’s spread evenly throughout the room, leaving no chance of cool spots, like with forced-air heating. You can even set the temperature lower—like, 6 to 8 degrees lower than your usual forced air temperature—and it’ll still feel comfortable. It heats the floor, and the room, making sure you stay nice and cozy post-shower, or anytime those feet touch the floor.

Radiant Bathroom Flooring in Florida

Energy Efficiency

Because it is generated right beneath the floors, no heat is lost during the process. With traditional heating, air ducts tend to lose a significant amount of heat as it moves about your home. Radiant floor heating can give you 10-30% in energy savings, depending on the size of the space and the number of rooms in which you choose to install. Since the bathroom is a smaller space, your energy savings may not be as great, but you’ll feel the difference nonetheless.

Radiant Bathroom Flooring in Florida

Undisturbed Allergens

Forced air heating systems are known to blow dust and other particles throughout the air. This disturbance can lead to heightened reactions for the allergy-prone. Radiant floor heating, however, does not disturb allergens. Since the heat comes directly from its source, dirt, dust, mold, and more remain undisturbed, so you’ll be feeling fresh every time you leave the bathroom.

Radiant Bathroom Flooring in Florida


And maybe the biggest benefit of all is the savings you’ll get on your household utility bill. Costing just around 10 cents per day to operate, radiant heating is a huge money saver. Most homeowners save around 15% on heating bills thanks to radiant floors. Plus, it rarely requires maintenance, and most systems come with a warranty upwards of 30 years, so this investment is surely an economical one. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you’ll start saving—instantly.

Radiant Bathroom Flooring in Florida
If you’re not a morning person, maybe radiant floors will change your tune. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today and talk to us about radiant floors. Our flooring experts will help you every step of the way. And once you’re happy with it, we’ll give you the green light to share that secret, because every household should enjoy the benefits of radiant floors.